Frequently Added Questions

What Services do you offer?

We offer INTRA-DAY, POSITIONAL SERVICES IN Stock, Options & Futures segments. We provide genuine technical analysis-based consultancy services. Our clients avail of the benefits of quality and not merely the quantity of calls..

How many calls you provide daily?

We provide 20-40 calls per month in Options & Futures and 8 to 10 Strategies / Month in Option writing and 5-8 Calls / Months in Delivery segment(cash).

What are the modes of Payments?

We Accept payments through All types of Credit Cards, Online Netbanking, Online Funds Transfers & UPI. Preferred method is UPI.

Do you give Intraday Calls?

Yes, We provide intraday calls.

Do you suggest when to book Profits or Exit?

Tips will have Entry, Target and Stop Loss. Updates coming regularly in Mobile app.

Can I expect correct entry or exit?

All Tips are realtime. Clients will get notification in mobile when tips is provided.

Is there any Provision of refunding the money in case of loss?

Since all our calls are backed by well-analyzed & strict Stop-Loss, losses are minimized to a great extent. However, your subscription fees are non-refundable in any case.

Are you SEBI Registered Analyst?

We are not SEBI Registered Analyst. But we are in the process for it. We are about to get Registration in couple of months.

If I have any other question beyond this help, how should I contact?

You can always contact us via call / email our support desk :